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Lamborghini accident in Florida

Uploaded by dira9999 on October 19, 2012 20:49 PM

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Eye witness "Audi Driver" said :

I almost got kia today at work on 41 stickney point car wash, the white ghost Lamborghini the one that’s always hauling ass everywhere crashed into the Audi I was inside of at about 45 mph. The uking idiot almost killed three of us on the exit of the car wash, took out a 20 foot street lamp that did a complete 360 flip, and drifted 12 o’clock into the Audi suv, and hit two other cars, a Toyota Camry and a black Mercedes. The guy got outta the car crying and bleeding out of his forehead “no seat belt” and passed out on the side of a car, the empt’s were literally there in one minute and took him away. The owner of the car ripped up in an AMG Mercedes and ran up to the car, checking it out. Judging by the sound the Lamborghini was in 2nd gear when it locked up.

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