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Mini van crashed dodge neon

Uploaded by stan_us on July 22, 2012 09:04 AM

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Looking at the remains of the Dodge Neon you wonder how many died in the crash? Luckily the answer is no one. Second day in a row I am out on a country road and a two car crash, this time a head-on collision on Grant Line Road West of Tracy.

A Nissan Quest minivan heading east crossed the center line and collided with the westbound Neon. The crash was a bound one trapping a pregnant woman in the Dodge and sending a total of eight people to area hospitals with four ambulances.

Looking at the wreckage of both cars it is amazing that no one died. We have been lucky thew past two days with such violent crashes and only moderate injuries. I hope our luck holds and drivers slow down to avoid accidents like these.

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