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Singapore Ferrari Crash

Uploaded by KSA101 on July 21, 2012 15:51 PM

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At 4 in the morning of May 12th, a speeding red Ferrari sports car ran the red light at a intersection in Singapore and crashed into a taxi. Apart from the Ferrari owner who died on the spot, the 52-year-old Singaporean taxi driver and a Japanese passenger who was in the taxi also died after been taken to the hospital. United Evening News of Singapore says, the Ferrari owner is Ma Chi, 31 years old, from Sichuan province. When the incident happened, the Ferrari was carrying a young woman. [Ma Chi] went to Singapore in 2008, engaged in finance and investment activities, and was applying for the right to permanent residency. The Straits Times says, the limited-edition Ferrari driven by the perpetrator is worth more than 1.4 million US dollars. This accident is rapidly fermenting in Singapore, igniting xenophobia amongst Singaporeans, with calls such as “Throw Chinese out of Singapore!”

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