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Auto Accident on Winfield Dunn Pky

Uploaded by musclecar on July 10, 2012 18:13 PM

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The Sevierville Police Department is investigating an auto accident on Highway 66 near the entrance of Hammer's Store. The accident occured at approximately 10:18 this morning at 681 Winfield Dunn Pky. The accident occurred when the driver of a Ford F-150 Pickup truck struck a late model Nissan Maxima on the driver's side door. The driver and a passenger in the Nissan were extricated using the jaws of life. The two were transported to LeConte Hospital. The identities of the victims have not been released and injuries have been reported as non- life threatening.

A late model Ford F-150 T-boned a late model Nissan Maxima as the driver was pulling into Hammer's on Highway 66 this morning. The driver of the truck said he had just paid off the vehicle.

Rescue personel used the the jaws of life to remove the door of the Nissan Maxima and extricate the driver and a passenger.

The Sevierville Fire Department and rescue squad responded to the accident.


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