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Fatal renault accident

Uploaded by tusan998 on November 12, 2012 22:01 PM

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The impact marks on the O/S/R quarter is from another car, its O/S/F wheel hit my rear one (he was traveling towards me) and tore the whole axle from the car. That then flipped me over onto my roof, I then traveled 47m on my roof, up a curb, through a hedge, through a fence, down a bank and then in a field.

We were both traveling close to the middle of the road, I was peeking around a lorry to see if it was clear, she was (for some reason) driving on the white line traveling towards me, managed to run down the side of my car. She admitted to me that she was in a rush to pick her daughter up as she was already 30 minutes late. The police took all witnesses statements, had the road closed for 4 hours and conducted a crash investigation measuring things and taking millions of pictures etc. I was the only driver to take any evasive action, the woman didnt change her speed or direction.

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