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Man recovering from nissan truck accident in CA

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A 21-year-old California man was released from Valley View Medical Center Monday after he rolled his car on Interstate 15 between exits 57 and 59 earlier that day.

Utah Highway Patrolman Bambie Baie said the man, whose name was not released, only came away with minor cuts on his head.

Baie said the man was driving from California to Michigan, where he attends school. She said he had been driving sleepless for 20 hours.

“He fell asleep and that’s when he went off the road and rolled his car,” Baie said.

At approximately 1 p.m., the man was heading south on I-15 near 962 Sage Drive when he rolled his gray Nissan Frontier into the Interstate’s median.

According to reports from the scene, he was ejected from the vehicle, but remained conscious.

Emergency vehicles were called to the scene shortly after and took the driver to Valley View Medical Center, where he was released a few hours later.

Southbound traffic was delayed and directed by highway patrolmen, while the scene was investigated and cleaned up.

Bradshaw Cheverolet Buick towed the truck from the scene, but were not available to verify later Monday about the vehicle’s damage.


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